The entire CSQ prepress workflow is managed by AGFA ARKITEX that downloads the files sent by the customers and process them according to the printing technology to be used in production (offset or digital); in case of offset printing, the workflow also manages the processing and the sending to the printing presses of the data for automatic pre-inking and the reference values ​​for all the automatic control systems installed on the presses.

The operators of the prepress department are the interface of the customers in the sending / receiving of the files and guide the customer in the correct preparation of the files in compliance with the procedures and process standards, providing specifications, printing profiles and organizing a visit at the headquarters of the customer at the start of every new contract.


Workflow Arkitex
  • AGFA Arkitex Workflow
  • 6 AGFA Grafix Rip ver. 8.1
  • 4 CTP AGFA Polaris X + 1 CTP Agfa Advantage DL
  • 3 NELA + 2 2B punching/bending
  • AGFA SUBLIMA Software for high definition printing


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