CSQ, Centro Stampa Quotidiani, started its activity in April 2000 and is the newest and largest Italian newspaper printing center operating for a plurality of publishers, both with offset and digital ink-jet technology.

The range of productions extends from daily newspapers, to weeklies and monthlies, to individual productions; from very high to small and very small print runs.

A characteristic feature of the production of CSQ is the high quality of printing combined with a sophisticated ability in on-line packaging of the copies (inserting of preprints and leaflets, stitching, three side trimming, single copy addressing, etc.). The company orientation is to keep a share of the production capacity available for the special initiatives of its customers, and to produce occasional individual productions of anyone, publisher or advertising agency, may be interested in using the printing, packaging and delivery services.

The printing plant is located in Erbusco (BS), between Bergamo and Brescia, 100 meters away from the Rovato exit of the A4 motorway. The annual production is about 100 million copies distributed throughout central-northern Italy. The press center simultaneously produces on four offset and a digital line for three shifts and seven days a week.

The automation is brought to the maximum allowed by the current level of technologies used, with production costs among the lowest in the sector; this allows customers to enjoy competitive prices while providing a very high printing and packaging quality with extremely short production and delivery times.